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#54602 - INTEX Krystal Clear Saltwater System

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Professionals Know That The Ultimate Pool Sanitation Method Is Ozone.
Only Ozone provides virtually complete, instantaneous, odorless, all-natural sanitation of pool water. Ozone eliminates bacteria over 3,000 times faster than chlorine. And because it has up to 100 times the oxidizing power of chlorine, it cleans pool water without the chemical smell that swimmers often associate with chlorine.
Intex has brought this powerful technology together with the benefits of our saltwater system to provide your customers with the very best in above ground pool sanitation. By combining the incredible sanitizing strength of ozone with the great swimming comfort that saltwater systems provide, your customers can enjoy a truly wonderful pool ownership and great swimming experience for years.
A totally effective, odorless, effortless, all natural solution to maintaining crystal clear, soft, clean pool water… from Intex!

#54602 - INTEX Krystal Clear Saltwater System

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- Two-stage process uses copper ionization to disinfect ions while converting salt to natural chlorine, creating an aggressive biocide to attack pool algae better than any product on the market!

- Intex Saline Chlorinators require a filter pump with a flow rate between 4,545 – 18,185 Litres per hour (1000 - 4000 gal/h)

- The Intex Saline Chlorinator will work on pools with 3.20 cm (1.25") and 3.80 cm (1.5") diameter hose fittings

- Add the specified amount of salt directly into the pool

- Safe to operate!

- Includes hose attachments and electrical cord

- Self-cleaning titanium-coated electrolytic cell for continued performance

- Touch-sensitive control panel allows user to pre-program operating hours using a 24 hour auto clock

- Flow sensor system alerts operator to adverse operating conditions

- Keypad locking system ensures settings are not changed accidentally

- Easy to use test strips (50 count) included to check performance and maintain the perfect level of salinity in your above ground swimming pool

- Easy set-up video included

- What is saline conversion chlorination? - Saline chlorination is a term used for the process of converting the salt dissolved in water into active liquid chlorine, known as hypochlorite, for the sanitization of swimming pool & spa water

- How does saline conversion chlorination work? - A specific quantity of pure, non-iodized, fine grain table salt is added to the pool water to create a saltwater (saline) concentration of 0.3% (3000 parts per million). This salinity concentration is slightly less than the salinity level found in most human tears, thus it is very gentle to the swimmer's eyes and skin. Liquid chlorine (hypochlorite) is created through a process called electrolysis. As the water pump passes the saline through the chlorinator cell a low voltage DC current is applied to the saline. This applied energy current changes the salt dissolved in the water into liquid chlorine (hypochlorite). The liquid chlorine immediately mixes with the water leaving the chlorinator cell and flows into the swimming pool as clean, chlorinated water

- The continuous introduction of liquid chlorine will ensure the continuous sanitization of the pool's water and will not allow the growth of algae. When the liquid chlorine has destroyed the bacteria in the pool, it reverts to salt. This means that the salt is continually regenerated in the process and the only loss of salt is due to backwashing, splash-out and overflow. It may be necessary to add salt to the pool water to bring the concentration back to the desired level of 3,000 parts per million

- This form of chlorination will not damage your pool! Chlorine "tablets" or "powder" can damage the pool liner while saline conversion will not. Also, the mildly salted water will not affect the PVC plumbing, filters or pump

- Saline chlorination is easier and safer! You will not need to buy or store any dangerous chemicals as you would for a pool with an out-dated conventional filtration pump. You will not need to "shock" this pool with raw chlorine as you would with older pools. Plus, the chlorine generator is self-cleaning which makes it 100% maintenance free

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