54928 - INTEX SEQUOIA WOOD POOL 4.78 m x 1.24 m

54928 - INTEX SEQUOIA WOOD POOL 4.78 m x 1.24 m

54462 - INTEX SEQUOIA WOOD POOL 5.08 m x 1.24 m

54462 - INTEX SEQUOIA WOOD POOL 5.08 m x 1.24 m

54968 - INTEX SEQUOIA WOOD POOL 5.69 m x 1.35 m


Intex 54968 is a large round frame pool of the Sequoia Spirit Wood-Grain Frame Pool series. The combined pool of Intex Sequoia Spirit Wood-Grain Frame Pool is quick and easy to install. It can be assembled in 120 minutes and is ready to be filled. The pool is made of 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability - two outer layers of thick PVC and polyester for additional reinforcement. Maintaining the shape of the pool Metal Frame Pool contributes to the tape of polypropylene, "encircling" the entire pool. Several people can swim in it at the same time. The outer parts of the pool are covered with wood-like decorative panels, which give the pool a beautiful and sophisticated look. In case of water pollution, it is enough to use a special valve to drain it, which is located at the bottom of the pool. The pool does not need special soil preparation and sand filling. At the end of the season it is easy to collect and store until next year. Joy for the whole family!

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SKU 54968
Product Size 5.69m x 1.35m
Age Grading 6+
Water Capacity (90%) 26,423 L (6,981 gal)
Sand Filter Pump 6,056 L (1,600 gal)
Package Weight 228 kg

- Intex Wood-Grain Pool Set Package includes; one 5.69m x 1.35m (18’18’’ x 53’’) Pool and Frame, one Krystal Clear Saltwater SystemTM , 1.35m (53") Pool Ladder, one deluxe Pool Cover, one Intex Pool Ground Cloth, one Intex Deluxe Maintenance Kit, one Pool Volleyball Game Set, one Intex Pool Set Up and Maintenance Video, support posts, and top and side boards

- The Krystal Clear Saltwater SystemTM  filters 6,056 L (1600 gallons) of water per hour and includes (1) Type "A" filter cartridge, (2) Plunger Valves, (1) Large Pool Hose Kit and (1) Large Pool Inlet and Strainer Assembly.

- 5.69m x 1.35m (18’18’’ x 53’’) Intex Wood-Grain Pool Package measures 5.69 m (18 ft. 18 in) in diameter, and 1.35m (53inches) in height with a water capacity of 26,423 L (6,981 gallons) when filled 90% full.

- Intex Wood-Grain Pools are affordably priced so you and your family can enjoy (infinite) hours of refreshingly fun activity and enjoyment.

- Wood-Grain Pools are easy to set up - all you will need is a screwdriver for the filter pump and ladder assemblies).

- Wood-Grain Pools drain conveniently! The drain plug accepts a garden hose to drain water away from the pool area as desired.

- Wood-Grain Pools include a rust-resistant galvanized steel framework, surrounded by rugged panels with a warm wood-grain design to add beauty to any backyard. The Intex Frame provides superior structural support that allows a large size pool with greater water depth.

- Rust-resistant, galvanized Steel Frames are strong and durable for years of backyard fun

- SUPER-TOUGHTM  laminated sidewalls are triple strong – 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability

- Convenient drain plug connects to garden hose so water can be drained away from pool or house area

- Set-up and maintenance DVD included

- Pool Set includes Krystal Clear Saltwater SystemTM , Ladder, Ground Cloth, Deluxe Pool Cover, Volleyball Set and Deluxe Maintenance Kit

- Includes Krystal ClearTM  Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System with 6,056 L (1600 gallons) per hour flow rate

- Includes a limited warranty from the manufacturer, Intex®. The pool liner has a 90 day warranty against manufacturer's defects and the pool filtration pump has a 1-year warranty. Any warranty claim must be submitted to info@bloomcy.com or call 0035726961237 .

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