29003 - FILTER CARTRIDGE "A" Tri-Pack

28004 - Spa Maintenance Kit

28004 - Spa Maintenance Kit

26664 – Krystal Clear Saltwater System

The ECO-friendly Poolwater Sanitizer
The Krystal Clear Saltwater System™ combines a unique two-stage technology to sanitize pool water.
First, an undetectable level of natural swimmer-safe chlorine is produced when environmentally friendly natural salt is added to pool water and passes through a titanium electrolytic cell during the filtration process. The result is soft, fresh, clean water without the potential harsh side effects of packaged pool chemicals.
Second, with the E.C.O. (electrocatalytic oxidation) process, water molecules are split into highly powerful oxidants which destroy organic contaminants such as bacteria and algae. The combination of these powerful oxidants with natural chlorine results in the strongest and safest pool water sanitation.
This second process, unique to the Intex Saltwater System, provides consumers with an important benefit. The process of E.C.O. is so effective, the amount of natural chlorine needed and generated by the system is reduced by approximately 60%. Which means that your customers not only get the great benefits of a saltwater system, they enjoy it with much less chlorine than other saltwater systems generate!

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MAX POOL SIZE: 4,500 GAL (17,413L)

Krystal Clear Saltwater System™ CG-26664
• New sleek and compact casing
• Control panel with display and easy access buttons
• Suitable for smaller size pools
• 3 self-clean modes available, 6/10/14-hr cycles
• 220-240V with GFCI
• Requires a filter pump with a flow rate between 300-1,000 gph (1,136-3,785L/hr)
• Chlorine output: 4 g/hr
• 24 hr. auto-clock cycle

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