26340 - ULTRA XTR FRAME POOL (7.32 m x 1.32 m) ROUND with Sand Filter Pump

26340 - ULTRA XTR FRAME POOL (7.32 m x 1.32 m) ROUND with Sand Filter Pump

26374 - ULTRA XTR FRAME POOL 32' x 12' x 52

26374 - ULTRA XTR FRAME POOL 32' x 12' x 52" (9.75m x 4.88m x 1.32m) RECTANGULAR with Sand Filter Pump

26356 - ULTRA XTR FRAME POOL (5.49 m x 2.74 m x 1.32 m) RECTANGULAR with Sand Filter Pump

Maximize your pool experience with our largest Ultra XTR Frame™ pools. Classic rectangular shape, elegant dark gray liner with water-blue tile print interior and brilliant white copings will make a fashion statement anywhere. With this luxury pool, add summer fun and beauty to any backyard!

For the ultimate combination of pool filtration, water sanitation, and convenience, these Ultra XTR Rectangular Frame™ pools include the option of our Krystal Clear® Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System Combos. No other system on the market combines the gentle, thorough, environmentally-sensitive filtration and sanitation properties of sand and salt.

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SKU 26356
Product Size 5.49m x 2.74m x 1.32m
Age Grading 6+
Water Capacity (90%) 17,203 L (4,545 gal)
Sand Filter Pump 4,500 L (1,200 gal) / hour
Package Weight 129.4 kg


Includes: One Ultra XTR Frame Pool, Safety Ladder, Ground Cloth to protect your pool's base and a Pool Cover. It is also equipped with Krystal Clear® Sand Filter Pump with Hydro Aeration Technology™

Uniquely designed frame combines high quality galvanized steel with precision engineered locking system, enhancing the overall quality, durability and stability of the pools

Encapsulating inner and outer powder coating ensures the ultimate resistance to rust

Easy to assemble – frame components simply snap together with no locking pins needed

Extra strong and durable liner

2-year warranty that guarantees a peace of mind pool ownership

SUPERIOR: 61% Clearer water than average performance of competition pool setes with cartridge filters (min. 7% and as much as 330% higher filtration efficiency in turbidity reducation tests)

SUPERIOR: 0 Rust after 96 hours salt spray test versus competition tubing showing rust on 100% of the tested area

SUPERIOR: 49% High Tear Resistance with more puncture and seam strength.

SUPERIOR: 21% more bending strength due to optimized combination of surface, wall thickness and hardness of steel.

Set-up and maintenance Instructions included

Easy to assemble – Ready for water in 60 minutes

Pools installation instructions.

Place your pool on solid, level ground, on natural or artificial grass, on concrete or marble, on solid soil, but not on pebbles. The size of the space required is at least 50 cm larger than all sides of the pool for operational purposes. Before placing the pool, place a protective plastic or cloth (Ground Cloth Item No. 28048) on the ground. Assemble the pool. Pour too little water into the pool and spread the floor well so that there are no folds. Fill the pool with water and have fun.

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