28116 - INTEX EASY SET POOL 10'x24

28116 - INTEX EASY SET POOL 10'x24" (3.05 m x 61 cm) ROUND

28272 - INTEX RECTANGULAR FRAME POOL (3.00m x 2.00m x 75cm)

28272 - INTEX RECTANGULAR FRAME POOL (3.00m x 2.00m x 75cm)

28270 - INTEX RECTANGULAR FRAME POOL (2.20m x 1.50m x 60cm)


Intex's range of Rectangular Frame pools are the perfect starter pools for smaller spaces and families. Supported by strong, durable steel frames and laminated sidewalls, these pools are sturdy and will stay firmly in place. Easy to assemble, these pools are ready for water in just 20 minutes. Added features include a convenient drain plug and connection holes for optional filter pumps. Make a splash and enjoy your backyard summer retreat!

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Product Size 2.20m x 1.50m x 60cm
Age Grading 6+
Package Weight 15.50 kg


Contains: One Rectangular Frame® Pool, 

Easy set-up – Spread out on firm, level ground, set up the frame, and fill with water

Stronger construction - Rectangular Frame® Pools have SUPER-TOUGHTM  sidewalls that are made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength & durability: 2 outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC are laminated to an inner layer of polyester.

Rectangular Frame® Pools drain conveniently! The drain plug accepts a garden hose to drain water away from the pool area as desired.

Rectangular Frame® Pools are affordably priced so you and your family can enjoy infinite hours of refreshingly fun activity and enjoyment.

Rectangular Frame® Pools are great for adults and kids. PLEASE NOTE: Children should always be supervised by a competent adult when using or in proximity to any pool.

Ready for water in 20 minutes

Pool installation instructions.

Place your pool on solid, level ground, on natural or artificial grass, on concrete or marble, on solid soil, but not on pebbles. The size of the space required is at least 50 cm larger than all sides of the pool for operational purposes. Before placing the pool, place a protective plastic or cloth (Ground Cloth Item No. 28048) on the ground. Assemble the pool. Pour too little water into the pool and spread the floor well so that there are no folds. Fill the pool with water and have fun