Useful information - Pools and Play Centers

Useful information for Pools.

Please read the following information below carefully so to enjoy your product for a long time.

Specify the pool area. The area should be larger than the size of your pool by at least 1 meter on each side so you can operate properly.

The soil should be flat and solid and not sandy so that it does not change over time. It can be natural or artificial grass, marbles, or tiles or concrete and not pebbles because its sharp faces will destroy the plastic of your pool.

Before placing your pool, wipe and thoroughly clean the area of ​​objects and rocks that could damage the pool material. It is necessary to place a plastic or cloth protector on the ground where you will place your pool. For this purpose, you can use either our plastic knitwear with code No. 28048, either the polyethylene carpets with code No. 29081 or 29084.

After placing the protective material on the ground, transfer your pool carefully to the place. Do not slide it to the ground as this may damage the pool material.

After placing the pool in the middle of the protective material, pour some water into your pool about 5 cm. Try to spread the pool floor well without leaving wrinkles. Then fill it with water up to 10-15 cm below the pool height.

All parts of the pool are covered by 2 years warranty. If any part of your pool set is defective contact us to replace it for free.